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30 social logins

We have connected Facebook, twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+ and much more.


5 minute installation

We did all the work so that you wouldn't have to. Just install a module, connect and start using.


Free social logins for life

Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Linkedin are free. Forever. Yes, I know you love us.


Don’t take out word for it. Ask our customers.


Jeremiah Barry

99logins is awesome. It's simple to setup, easy to use and most of all its offers Facebook login for free. Forever.


Leigh Webster

I was shocked when i learned how many customers love to use social logins. Without 99logins i would never have thought about trying. Now I can't imagine my life without it.


Kyle Hooper

99logins is a timesaver. It's just so simple to use, it's crazy.


Andrew Kosev

99Logins has been a blast. Really, just connect and use. It does exactly what is says. I love it!

How it works

Install a module

Install a module. You can select the right module for your CMS from a list that are provided for free here.

Create account

Create an account with 99logins and create your first app. The process takes less then a minute.

Connect app

Use the create APP id in your early installed module. The module will guid you. And start using over 30 social networks.

API docs

If you don't find a module you need, you can create one with our super simple API documentation. We even provide ready-to-use libraries.